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Run for 20 minutes and you’ll feel better. Run another 20 and you might tire. Add on 3 hours and you’ll hurt, but keep going and you’ll see—and hear and smell and taste—the world with a vividness that will make your former life pale.

Scott Jurek, Eat & Run (via zestoftheday)

Fast Day 1 Feelings

7:02 pm - Went for a nap earlier and then went to Let’s Be Cops with dad. Movie was stupid funny, but, moreover, I enjoyed spending time with dad. Hunger has subsided to a dullness.

Mood: Meh

Fast Day 1 Feelings

12:10 pm - Hunger pangs striking, but I am easily able to overcome them. Forgot how it feels to be hungry with my current eating habits.

Mood: Content

Fast Day 1 Feelings

Day 1 8:45 am - Easy right now. Not thinking about food. Probably going to go for a run in 10 minutes.

Mood: Energetic

Going to try a 3 day fast. Will do periodic updates starting tomorrow!

Pain changes people.

(via bewitchednovember)


Work on it. Every. Single. Day.

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